Bluewolf vous apporte son expertise en :

- Business development
- Formation & e-learning
- Gestion de portefeuille
- Solutions Open Source
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 Joomla est le meilleur CMS Open Source du marché.


Imageis a European strategy and management consulting firm specialized in international business development. It provides unmatched business skills and a network of highly trained and experienced multilingual professionals, capable to intervene and assist you in your various business endeavors, from capital external growth, to market research and partner search.  


To help corporations develop pan-European highly profitable ventures, deepening insights in what drives success in the information age, sustain competitive advantage in a global world and ultimately enhance shareholder value.

Why us

Our trusted partners and advisors can help clients maximise profit providing specific financial, engineering, management and marketing expertise and assistance for successful implementation of value growth agendas in various areas.

European focus

Located in Paris, France, Bluewolf offers value added services principally to corporations and entrepreneurs residents of the UE but also from other international locations.